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Tasty home cooked baby food, minus the hassle.

Weaning time shouldn’t mean whining time! It is challenging enough—and oftentimes frustrating—to get your baby to start eating solid food, and yet you are faced with an even bigger challenge of making sure your baby gets all the right nutrients in doing so.

Baby Likes aims to make your new adventure easier by bringing you the best of both worlds: nutritious and wholesome yet tasty and flavourful baby food. After all, dads and mums want it healthy but we know how babies can be so choosy. So, it’s a win-win for both parents and baby!

We understand how time consuming and exhausting it can be to come up with yummy yet healthful dishes straight from the kitchen. That is why, we came up with variants that parents can joyfully and guiltlessly bring to their child’s table, err, high chair! We give the same dedication as parents would, while saving you the time and hassle.

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Halal and organic

You can now have quality halal and organic choices of flavours that are popular amongst the little ones. ONLY HALAL meat and ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices in every baby food pouch!

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Early start to goodness

The idea behind Early Start to Goodness is simple: support Muslim parents in providing their babies halal and nutritious food.

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Created by mums, supported by experts

We work with experts in the food and health industry to develop each recipe that parents have asked us to create for them. All our baby food products are produced in a factory that complies with the strict global safety and quality standards that provide transparency and comparability along the food supply chain.

Thank you, Islam Channel Business Awards 2024!

Thankful for the recognition from Islam Channel Business Awards 2024.

This recognition drives us to work harder and help more babies have an Early Start to Goodness.

Thank you, Saverah Women in Business Awards 2023!

Honoured to be recognised by the Saverah Women in Business Awards.

Big thanks to those who have been with us in this journey of helping Muslim parents nourish their little one with healthy food.


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Thank you to Salaam Britain for inviting us and letting us share our journey in making Baby Likes come to life.

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