About Baby Likes

Our Ethos 

Weaning can often be a challenging and frustrating time for both parents and babies. It can be a struggle to get your baby to eat solid food, let alone ensure they are getting all the necessary nutrients.

At Baby Likes, our aim is to make this transition easier for you by providing nutritious and delicious baby food options. We understand that parents want their baby to eat healthy, but we also know how picky babies can be. That's why we offer a range of tasty and flavorful options that are both wholesome and nutritious. It's a win-win for both parents and baby!

We also understand that coming up with tasty and healthy homemade meals can be time-consuming and exhausting. That's why we have created a variety of options that parents can joyfully and guiltlessly serve to their little ones. We put the same dedication into our products as parents would, while saving you time and hassle.

Dedicated to serving Muslim parents

This is the fundamental principle that guides each decision made in the creation of Baby Likes. Our mission is to assist Muslim parents in their journey of nurturing their babies, striving to alleviate any difficulties they may face along the way. Furthermore, we actively engage in charitable endeavours, collaborating with reputable organisations in order to give back to the community.

Upholding business integrity

Our commitment lies in conducting business with utmost honesty and integrity in introducing Baby Likes to the market. Recognizing that our brand primarily caters to babies, we ensure that every aspect of our processes adheres to strict standards and is thoroughly evaluated by industry experts. Additionally, we value our customers as partners in the development and growth of our brand, treating them with fairness and respect.



Our Purpose

  1. Give babies an early start to goodness through our range of food products
  2. Help parents embrace the ethos of tayyib-halal by offering nourishment that is healthy, organic and ethically-sourced
  3. Support women and children in developing countries by donating to maternal, neo-natal and children's health (MNCH) initiatives



Our Value Proposition

More time: easier feeding means more time for you and your baby to play and to rest

More choice: range of flavours means more freedom to pick the taste that your babies actually enjoy

More conviction: halal and organic production means more certainty that your babies are nourished in line with your fundamental beliefs 

Carol Bajenting

I am Carol, a mom to a wonderful daughter. I was inspired to create Baby Likes from talking to my friend Ezura and other Muslim parents like her. Ezura observed that many a Muslim parent struggle to find good baby food that was meat-based but halal and organic. This drove us to develop a line of halal organic baby food. Our flavours are the results of long and in-depth conversations with Muslim parents to understand how we can help them feed their babies well. The feedback we received from our research and focus group was fantastic, so here we are!

Ezura Ghazali

I am Ezura, a Muslim, a Malaysian and a mother of two boys. I am based in Malaysia, after having lived and worked in the UK for 11 years. My first child Noah was only 6 months when we moved to the UK. It was a prime time for weaning the little bubba.

Most of the time in the UK, I prepared my babies' food at home,simply because there was no Halal option available at the store. I found this gap especially glaring when we introduced meat into our kids’ diet.

Having store-bought baby food that is halal would definitely have helped me as a full time working mom in a foreign country away from the convenience of a support system back home. And even at home now in Malaysia, I can see how this would give me much wider options to feed my kids in the way that I would like to.

When my good friend Carol told me about her idea to produce organic baby food in a pouch, I shared with her my struggle as a Muslim parent. We decided to work together to make life a bit easier for Muslim parents by giving them halal and organic meals option for their little cuties.